What is Shiftah?

Shiftah is a new and easy way to earn income. As a car owner, you connect with companies who want to advertise their brand, product or service. All you have to do is get their ad wrapped on the sides of your car and drive around town, just as you do everyday

Who's Eligible?

Car owner age to be 19+.

What Vehicles Qualify?

• Car Model 2012+ • Most car models except for: (Hyundai accent - Toyota pickup - Nissan pickup – Toyota jeep land cruiser 70 - Chevrolet Camaro - dodge challenger) and few similar models. • Wheels rims should be placed on tires. • Vehicle glass shading is not acceptable. • To be complied with the Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to be the owner of the Car to join Shiftah?

To join Shiftah you have to be the owner of the vehicle or to have an authorization to drive the vehicle and an approval from the owner to wrap the sides of the vehicle.

How much can I earn advertising on my own car?

You can earn between SAR 1200 to SAR 3000 per campaign (in case of completing the Ad campaign specified kilometers).

What is the Ad campaign?

It is the marketing period of the brand or product.

How do I know how much did I earn during the campaign?

All earned amounts will be displayed in the app dashboard, depending on the campaign criteria such as the duration and the daily km cap within the campaign zone.

How do I join a campaign?

Step 1: Download the Shiftah app, available on both Apple App Store and Google Play. Step 2: Complete the registration. Step 3: Complete the driving pattern test assessment. Step 4: Join the campaign you prefer.

What is the test drive?

It is a test to determine the usual car route and locations by driving for 60km.

How long does it take to get matched with an advertiser?

This depends on whether we have an advertiser looking for car owners that match your profile. As soon as there is a potential match, the campaign will appear and its your call to join or not.

Is it free to register?

Yes, registration is free, that includes: wrappingand unwrapping the sides of the vehicle.

What is the daily maximum limit for kilometers?

Each campaign has a certain number of kilometers between 25-40 km/day inside the campaign zone.

How long are the Ad campaigns?

Depends on the advertisers’ requirements, it can extend from two weeks up to two months.

Driven Km will be calculated during anytime of the day?

All Km driven within the campaign zone will be calculated except between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. .

Do I have to drive every day of the advertising campaign?

If there was no frequent interaction from the car owner, Shiftah is entitled to replace him/her.

What is the installation procedure? And how long does it take to wrap the car?

After joining the campaign, our technical team will contact the car owner to set an appointment for installation. A usual wrap would take roughly 1-3hours depending on the car model and design of the Ad sticker.

When is the payment processed?

Car owners will be paid maximum 14 days after the end of the campaign.

How is the payment processed?

Payment will be either through bank transfer, cheque, or Cash.

Are there additional Terms to participate?

Yes, please check the Terms & Conditions which can be found in mobile app.

How do I stay updated on new campaigns?

Turn on the app notifications on your device to stay tuned with the latest campaigns and news.

How can I contact Shiftah for inquiries?

Through our email: info@shiftah.com